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Executive Positions

FunFlight has a history of delivering smiles on kids' faces over the past 15 years.
In fact, almost  15,000 of them!

Working in close collaboration with national and local children’s charities, our passengers come from families ‘Touched by Adversity; with a child with a disability or serious illness, families where one of the parents is ill, or families that would just benefit from an uplifting experience.

COVID made us temporarily halt our activities; both the flying and the fundraising parts. 

Now, with a new board, and a vision to grow the impact we have on people’s lives, FunFlight is looking for enthusiastic individuals who are passionate about giving back to the community.


We are in need of people who have expertise in Fundraising, Operations and Marketing and who are willing to dedicate some of their time to a cause that benefits kids across Australia. For the right person we would also consider opening up a board position to further enhance your resume and future career path.


FunFlight needs a person who is familiar with the financial governance requirements of a charitable organisation and will get their hands dirty to raise funds for the charity. We are seeking someone who will focus on reaching out to potential supporters of all sizes, be they individuals or corporates, and build sustainable funding sources for the organisation.


Ideally, this person would have previous experience in a similar role although we also welcome people with backgrounds from different areas.


The marketing needs of FunFlight suit a person who is self-motivated and looking for a challenge in terms of developing an end to end marketing strategy for our organisation. We are looking to develop this strategy to encompass all audiences; pilots and aero clubs, sponsors and supporters, charitable organisations and the families we support.


The role involves guiding all aspects of the marketing requirements from strategic development through to execution of the plan.


Our operations person is someone who is able to relate to our pilots and aeroclubs and assist them with conducting our flying activities in a safe manner. In addition to this, they will have a sound understanding of aviation regulation, safety management systems and risk management.


An ability to form good working relationships with industry, airports, insurers and other key stakeholders and sound communication skills (written and oral) would be valuable in this position.

the ideal person

The ideal person for these roles is self-motivated with a strong interest in taking an organisation from its grassroots origins and turning it into a national force in the charity sector.


FunFlight requires new sources of funding and a new strategic direction in terms of growing its brand, activities and outreach. It is at a point in its evolution that it requires fresh ideas to help it along on its journey and continue to provide services to the children and families that it serves.

Like every role at FunFlight, these executive positions are volunteer roles. FunFlight is keen to hear from people who either have an interest in joining the board as directors or in fulfilling the responsibilities in a committee role.


If you are interested

If you fit the role description, and if you want to play a role in making the world a better place, helping families touched by adversity find relief, outline why you are passionate about our cause, why you think you fit this position, and what you can add to our charity. 

Apply to

Michèl Verheem, Founder & Director,


m: 0404 729 939


Feel free to discuss any questions you have.

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