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The Flight of Their Life

With COVID grounding events for the last couple of years, FunFlight has taken the opportunity to rebuild back stronger. We're working on guide to help support more clubs to run events tailored to their local community. We'll be back in 2023 to celebrate our 15th year as a national charity and our 15,000th flight. Stay tuned!


FunFlight Captains take children Touched by Adversity up for the Flight of their Life.


Aero Clubs, pilots, and commercial aviation organisations provide families with a sky-high break from their day-to-day worries.


Working in close collaboration with national and local children’s charities, our passengers come from families Touched by Adversity; with a child with a disability or serious illness, families where one of the parents is ill, or families that would just benefit from an uplifting experience.

FunFlight is a national charity, founded in 2008, that inspires and assists aeroclubs to plan and host safe and fun events to bring light into the lives of families touched by adversity. Working with national and local charities, FunFlight events have hosted families who have a child with a disability or serious illness, where one parent is ill and families just doing it tough and in need of an uplifting experience. Read more about FunFlight’s humble beginnings or learn more about FunFlight events.

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