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About Us

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Born from a drive to ‘do something good in the world’, the very first FunFlight was in 2007. It started with an idea to fly maybe 5-10 kids with a disability around Port Philip Bay in Melbourne, but within 6 weeks grew into a miniature airshow at Tyabb Airport on the Mornington Peninsula. 130 kids and family went flying that day - and the success of that day encouraged us to make this into an annual event.


Assisted by a very generous donation from the estate of Jon Burgess, and supported by KPMG, we established a registered charity: FunFlight.


Since this humble beginning, we have flown almost 15,000 passengers! 


The ‘we’ in here are the hundreds of volunteers from aero clubs and commercial aviation organisations around Australia. It is them that make the actual flying happening. FunFlight facilitates the events through national sponsorship deals, contacts with national charities, and, through our Partner QBE, providing insurance for the volunteers, the event organisers and the passengers.

But wait, there is more!

We are proud that soo many people have been touched and inspired by what we do. FunFlight is more than the passengers -no matter how deserving they are of a break from their daily worries. The volunteers, partners and sponsors all make the world a better place, step-by-step (or in this case: flight-by-flight…..). Everybody who has made it possible that flights happen has seen for themselves that they can make a difference. A difference with an impact. And a difference that -no doubt- comes through in other parts of their lives too.


Our Board

FunFlight is managed by a small, professional Board of Directors. All volunteers - we do this because we want it.

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Michel Verheem

Director & Founder

I am immensely proud of what the FunFlight community has achieved since the very first event in 2007, and it is such a pleasure to see our volunteers grow into people that now themselves go out to motivate and inspire others.


My inspiration comes from the people around me, such as my wife Louise, her parents, and my mum. It comes from people who show that together we can make a positive difference in the lives of others.


In my daily life, I am the director of a small and specialised wayfinding consultancy operating from Australia, France, The Netherlands and Croatia. This keeps me pretty busy, but never too busy to not enjoy riding my BMW motorbike along as many winding roads as I can!

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Michael Monck

Director & Chairman

I write software for a living and fly planes for fun. More accurately, I own a company that employs people who write software better than me so I can afford the time to fly planes for fun! Every flight I do is for fun which is kind of the point of FunFlight.

A lot of my time is spent away from home exploring other places although in recent times my ability to do this has been limited by COVID19. The silver lining to this is that I get to spend more time flying around Australia and meeting people across our great country.


I hold professional qualifications in economics and business and have studied in Australia, Germany, Asia and the USA.

I have dedicated almost half of my life to promoting aviation and encouraging people to try it out and discover what it feels like to escape the bounds of the earth and experience true freedom. With FunFlight I hope to be able to spread the passion that I have for aviation while helping others achieve what they want to achieve. At the same time, my efforts will help to put a smile on the faces of families that are dealing with adversity in their lives.

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Danni Maynard


From a young age, I dreamt of working in aviation. On finishing my first master's degree in aviation, I started to explore the world of human factors. I was already working in aviation safety investigations, so I decided to strengthen my skillset and interest in aviation safety through a second master's degree focusing on aviation human factors.

My passion is (quite clearly ) aviation which led me to decide to become a pilot. My decision was based on hunger to understand what pilots go through in emergency situations, such as increased workload stress, distractions, situational awareness, how their training and tools available such as checklists, aid in their recovery of the emergency and so much more. Underpinning all of this is safety. 


Being a mum of three young kids and having a passion for aviation, what better way to give back than supporting a charity such as FunFlight. Providing opportunities to underprivileged children and their families is something I consider really special. I am privileged to be a Director for FunFlight and its amazing volunteers.

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The Technical Stuff

FunFlight Limited (ABN 75132856798) is registered with the ACNC, the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission.