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Upcoming Events

If you're an aero club planning your next FunFlight event, please contact the FunFlight team.

Lilydale Flying Club Sunday, 6th October 2024. Pilot registration link active soon!

Become a FunFlight Captain!

If you're an experienced pilot and would like to register to participate in upcoming event, here's what you need to know...

  • Flights are approx. 15 to 20 mins in duration. 

  • To become a FunFlight Captain, you must have a CPL or PPL with at least 250 hours on command, and you must have completed at least three flights in the last three months. Your aircraft needs to be insured.  The CFO of the host club may ask you to 'show your credentials' before becoming a FunFlight Captain. 

  • Safety is our highest priority. The host aero club and FunFlight committee will manage and monitor all activity on the day. 

Register Your Charity

FunFlight maintain a database of children's charities interested in being hosted at a FunFlight event. We offer this information to host aero clubs so that they can reach-out to individual charities and invite them to an upcoming event. If you'd like to register your charity with us, please send your details to FunFlight founder, Michel Verheem (

Things to know...

  • Flights will be managed by the club with experienced pilots donating their time and aircraft to take the children, their siblings and their parents or guardian on a local flight around the Peninsula.

  • Flights are approx. 15 to 20 mins in duration. 

  • While waiting for their flight, clubs usually have a variety of 'ground' activities and attractions for the children and lunch and drinks are typically provided. 

  • Each even varies in size and number of hosted children, according to the host club's capacity.

  • For any children that will attend an event, the host aero club will ask for the names of children and parents or guardians.

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Past Events

Lilydale, October 2023

Lilydale Flying club, in conjunction with Yarra Valley Aviation, held their 2023 Fun Flight event on 22nd October. Whilst localised fog and wet weather put a bit of a dampener on the on-ground activities, it didn't hamper the flight's which proceeded as planned. Photo's coming soon. 

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221220 15 Years seal.png

15 Years & 15,000th Passenger Birthday Celebration

As with many other parts of our lives, Covid prevented FunFlight events from taking place for the past three years. FunFlight events resumed with a joyous celebration of twin milestones on 11th February 2023 at Peninsula Aero Club (PAC) in Tyabb.

The PAC event celebrated our 15th birthday. If that wasn't enough, our 15,000th FunFlight passenger experienced their flight, making the day a special opportunity for us all to celebrate this milestone event.

PAC was instrumental in helping to launch FunFlight, hosting the first-ever FunFlight event, and it has organsed a local FunFlight event every year since (with the exception of COVID-groundings).


The fabulous Stef Drury flew into Tyabb Airport to promote the FunFlight event. You can catch his video below and on his YouTube channel:


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